Thunder Road (M)

Thunder Road movie poster

A series of snapshots from Jim’s life, exploring his experience on the police force - he’s a decorated officer who isn’t shy about using his gun and often seems to be starring in some “Keystone” version of “Cops” - and also his testy encounters with his sneering estranged wife, his distraught sister, his highly supportive African-American police partner, and his daughter’s teacher, who explains to him that Crystal is a problem child, always acting out, a warning that Jim can’t take in because it would get in the way of his everything-is-fine posture.

"a brilliant piece of work that paints the portrait of an all too human response to tragedy building upon tragedy... an absolute treat of a movie" - FILMINK AUSTRALIA

"a vivid drama with its own unpredictable, startlingly lovely shape"- LA TIMES

"you’ll giggle at moments, and you’ll also be moved" - VARIETY

"fascinating portrait of a broken man" - INDIEWIRE

"The Indie film you need to see this year" - ROLLING STONE

"One of the best comic performances of the decade" - FILM ENQUIRY

Cast: Jim Cummings, Kendal Farr, Nican Robinson

Director: Jim Cummings


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