Brother's Nest (CTC)

Brother's Nest movie poster

Nominated for Best Original Feature Film Screenplay at the Australian Writers Guild Awards 2018.

Twelve years after the huge success of 'Kenny', the Jacobson brothers reunite in the razor-sharp black comedy, BROTHER'S NEST.

On a cold morning in the middle of country Victoria, two brothers arrive at the family home intent on murdering their stepfather Roger. Terry and Jeff's motive is simple - killing their step-dad will render their dying Mother's plan to change her will in his favour redundant. A staged "suicide" has been meticulously planned but there is one thing the boys didn't take into account; spending the entire day together. Old grudges, different worldviews and a general troubled history will pit these two brothers against each other. 'Brothers' Nest' is a tragic comedy about family, loyalty and murder - because after all "blood is thicker than water".

"All of it is razor-sharp, darkly funny, and tense." - ROGEREBERT.COM

"This is a comedy that's blacker than pitch, and tethered enough to unexaggerated human behavior that it can really commit to the consequences of its characters' colossal stupidity." - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Seething with grit, dark humour and a brotherhood that's twisted in a dark love ... visceral and stunning, one of the early gems of 2018" - SPOILERFREEMOVIESLEUTH.COM​

"A Coen Brothers comedy ... becomes a Hitchcockian thriller .. Brothers' Nest will make you laugh, then hold tight to the armrest of your seat, then ultimately cry" - FLIKERINGMYTH.COM

Cast: Shane Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson, Kim Gyngell, Lynette Curran, Sarah Snook

Director: Clayton Jacobson


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